Friday, February 25, 2011

Huge list of Ubuntu Gimp tutorials

These are a few tips I found on when I was trying to do some image manipulation.  Just though I'd share

The GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation Program is a free, open-source image editing application for photo retouching, painting, compositing, and image creation. Here you can find tips and tutorials for using GIMP. Also see the main index of GIMP resources on this site.

Easy Photo Edit in GIMP Using Brightness-Contrast

Learn a very easy photo edit you can do in GIMP using the Brightness-Contrast feature.

Make Your Photos Better Using GIMP Levels

GIMP Levels adjustments are a quick way to make your photos look better. If you've ever opened the Levels dialog in GIMP, it can look a little overwhelming, but it is a very simple tool to use.

Make Your Photos Better Using GIMP Curves

Making Curves adjustments to your photos in GIMP can help to quickly improve their appearance. The Curves feature in GIMP can look quite intimidating, but it is very intuitive to use. In fact you can get good results from fiddling with Curves without really understanding what you are doing.

How to Use the Display Navigation Dialog in GIMP

The Display Navigation palette in GIMP is an easy and convenient way to pan and zoom the image you are working on.

Useful GIMP Keyboard Shortcuts

These are a selection of handy keyboard shortcuts for GIMP users.

How to Make Selections in GIMP

GIMP offers a good range of tools for making selections that allow you to make quick and simple selections or more advanced selections. Here's a summary of all the selection tools available in GIMP with links to further information on each selection tool.

Which File Types Can I Open in GIMP?

GIMP can open and save a variety of file types and these are some of the most popular.

GIMP Crop Tool

The Crop Tool in GIMP offers a variety of options that change the way that the tool operates. Learn how to use the crop tool in GIMP and adjust cropping options for the best results.

Allow Growing Option for GIMP's Crop Tool

Learn about the allow growing option for GIMP's crop tool.

How to Draw a Love Heart In GIMP for Valentine's Day

A tutorial on how to draw a love heart in GIMP using just a few tools. The basic heart shape can be used in your Valentine's Day cards and projects.

What is the Supernova Filter in GIMP?

An introduction to the Supernova filter in GIMP for creating lens flare and starburst lighting effects. The Supernova filter in GIMP is a fairly flexible tool that can be used to enhance photos with naturalistic effects or to apply highly stylized effects to fantasy images or designs.

Add a Sun Effect to a Photo with GIMP

This tutorial shows how to add a fake sun to a photo using the Supernova filter in GIMP.

How to Make a Fake Lomo Photo in GIMP

This tutorial shows you how to add a fake Lomo effect to your photos using GIMP.

How to Create a Custom Greeting Card in GIMP

Learn how to create a custom double-sided greeting card with the free software GIMP using your own photo or graphics and text.

How to Use a Make-a-Flake Snowflake in GIMP

Snowflakes downloaded from Make-a-Flake can be easily edited in GIMP to change the color and remove the white background.

How to Draw a Christmas Tree in GIMP

This tutorial will show you how to draw a simple Christmas tree in GIMP using basic techniques which can be carried over to many other projects.

How to Install Photoshop Brushes in GIMP - Illustrated Tutorial

Photoshop brushes can be used in GIMP to make the free pixel based image editor even more powerful. This tutorial shows you how you can extend GIMP by installing the many free Photoshop custom brushes that are available online.

Fake Snow in GIMP - Tutorial to Add Fake Snow to a Photo in GIMP

This simple tutorial shows how to add a fake snow effect to a photo using GIMP.

Use GIMP to Make Dripping Spray Graffiti Style Text

This is a simple spray graffiti style text tutorial that will show you how to create the effect of spray painted lettering in GIMP.

How to Draw a Ghost with the Paths Tool in GIMP

This is a simple GIMP tutorial to show how to draw a ghost with the Paths Tool.

Straighten a Horizon with GIMP

This simple tutorial shows a GIMP digital photo editing technique to straighten a horizon in a photo or align a picture which is crooked by using the corrective option in the rotate tool.

GIMP Rotate Tool

The GIMP Rotate Tool can be used in several ways thanks to the tool options that we look at in this tutorial.

Dripping Blood Text Tutorial for GIMP

This tutorial to make dripping blood text in GIMP is ideal for Halloween, but this technique also can be adapted to produce dripping paint text, if you want the effect of simple graffiti. There are a few steps needed to achieve this effect, but it is a simple one and suitable for complete newcomers to the free pixel-based image editor GIMP.

Add Fake Rain to a Photo in GIMP

This tutorial shows you a simple technique for adding a fake rain effect to your photos using the free pixel-based image editor GIMP. Even relative newcomers will find that they are able to produce exciting results following these steps.

Rubber Stamp Effect with GIMP - Distressed Grunge Textures

This tutorial shows how to use GIMP to produce a rubber stamp effect text graphic. This tutorial produces the effect of a rubber stamp on paper, but the technique can be used in many ways to produce distressed grunge effects, both for print and web.

How to Produce an Animated GIF with GIMP

GIMP offers users with basic experience the tools to produce simple animated GIF files. Learn how to produce an animated GIF in GIMP with this tutorial.

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