Friday, February 25, 2011

9 Common media problems on ubuntu

I found this great list on the ubuntu website when I was troubleshooting some issues I had with my microphone.  I found the fix on #9, but the rest are great to keep handy.

  1. Prevent CDs from playing when inserted, see the section called “How can I prevent CDs from playing when I insert them?”
  2. Song names and cover art are wrong, see the section called “Song names/cover art are missing/wrong for some songs”
  3. Rhythmbox can't rip MP3s, see the section called “Converting audio files”
  4. My MP3 player works in Windows but not in Ubuntu, see the section called “MTP Media Players”
  5. I cant play videos, see the section called “Playing DVDs”
  6. I can't play Quicktime or WMV, see the section called “Video files”
  7. I can't play flash video, see the section called “Flash videos”
  8. I can't play Realmedia, see the section called “Installing and configuring RealPlayer”
  9. My microphone isn't working, see the section called “My microphone does not work or is too quiet”
Gotten from here.


  1. this is why I don't use Ubuntu primarily anymore. too many problems, but maybe soon I will go again.

  2. I don't have the patients to deal with those kinds of media problems.

  3. I've never used Ubuntu, but I've always wanted to.

  4. Way above my head to figure out.
    Glad someone else to doing it.

    ~showing support to my fellow bloggers.

  5. I remember the good old days of ubuntu :D

  6. Just installed Ubuntu in a dual boot with windows 7

    This helped solve a few queries i had, thanks a bunch!

  7. Hmm some nice tips here! Thanks for the links!

  8. useful

    but most trouble i had with pulseaudio and alsa in the past

  9. my hubby would love ur blog he is a big fan of ubuntu too..

  10. ubuntu seems like such a masochistic labor of love, I will stick to my Easy-mode windows 7 for dumb people.

  11. I have many of friends who have tried to convert me to ubuntu in the past. Maybe I should give it a shot