Thursday, February 24, 2011

What to do when you first install Ubuntu 10.10

There are some things I recommend doing as soon as you install Ubuntu 10.10 to get the most out of it.  Here's what I did:

  • Go to System>Administration>Additional Drivers. Scan your system and install appropriate wireless and graphics driver for your system.  If you don't have an internet connection plug in your ethernet cable first.
  • Go to System>Administration>Update Manager. Click on settings, go to Other Software tab and enable partners repository so that you can install software like Skype and Java.
  • Run update manager.  You can do this via command line with:
sudo apt-get update

  • Install Ubuntu restricted extras so that you can have support for audio and video codecs, DVD playback, Flash, Java (OpenJDK).  You can do this via command line with:
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

  • To go along with that last one, install Medibuntu.  Some libraries can't be included with the original download for legal/licensing issues, but you can still add them (Google earth, better media support, etc).  Instructions can be found here.
That's all the tips I have so far.  Anyone else got any?


  1. Looks good. I've actually got a VPS that I can ssh into to play around with Ubuntu. I never had a good desktop experience with it (linux has no drivers)

  2. @Alan - did you try the restricted drivers? You may have a better experience if they are available.

  3. i've got ubuntu 9.10 on my laptop and love it.

  4. I've always considerd installing Ubuntu. Thanks for the Iknow at least some of the benefits.

    Still leaning towards sticking with trusty XP though.

  5. @Marc definitely the best for beginners!

  6. Install your wifi drivers and install adobe flash.

  7. ive thought about using ubuntu- it looks pretty good

  8. My friend uses Ubuntu. I wish I was good at that kind of stuff