Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to stop BCM4322 from disconnecting Ubuntu 10.10

I feel like I went through hell and back for such a simple solution.  I installed Wicd to make my wireless work.  It's not as elegant as the native wireless controller, but I can connect to wireless networks and stay connected.  It displays signal strength, channel, SSID - everything you would ever need.

Once again, not as pretty but it works just fine.
You can install Wicd simply by using this command:
sudo apt-get install wicd
I've been using this solution for weeks and rarely ever disconnect.

--Oh, and restart your system after install.  You don't HAVE to but a neat little icon will be available on the top launcher panel again - it shows signal strength and connectivity and gives you easy access to the panel to connect to a wireless network or what have you.

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