Sunday, February 27, 2011

Getting USB to work in virtualbox

This took a little bit of work.  Adding the virtualbox user and more inside.

First go to System -> Administration -> Users and Groups.  Click Manage groups and find "vboxusers".  Open it up, check your user account and exit out.  Restart your computer.

Now when you open virtualbox you should be able to mount usb no problem.  If you still have a problem, open Virtualbox and click on Settings -> USB -> and disable (or maybe even enable) EHCI.


  1. on osx virtualbox just asks if i want to give the device to the host or guest if i plug something in

  2. virtualbox is awesome for a free software.

  3. good tip! i use vmware 3 on my mac to run windows programs side by side mac ones, fully integrated it's great!

  4. Cool. I'm working right now on getting a writable linux on usb. I tried Ubuntu, my only issue is that it only works on the PC you set it up. So if I take it to a friends and boot on his laptop it goes to shit.

    Damn Small Linux won't connect online and Puppy Linux won't boot. !!!


  5. wow why didnt I find a post like this when I was dealing with that -.-