Sunday, February 20, 2011

Convert .uif to .iso in Ubuntu 10.10

I recently downloaded a file that ended up being a .uif format.  After looking for a while I found that I could use WINE to run MagicISO and convert it through there.  I wanted, however, a linux-only option.

I found this tool - uif2iso.  It's a tiny little file that you have to build from source (instructions for building anything from source are here).  After you've built it and installed it, just run these commands in the directory in which you installed uif2iso.
sudo uif2iso path/to/uif/file.uif path/for/iso/file.iso
It's really that easy - just input the location of the .uif, then space, then output where you what the new iso file to be placed and named.

It took about 3 minutes to convert 4.7GB for me.  Just make sure you keep the terminal window open.

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